Our Favorite Toddler Instagram Accounts


Instagram is chock full of parenting content, and it’d be a shame for you to miss out. Here we’ve compiled a list of our favorite toddler Instagrams to follow, but the most important advice we can give is to have fun. If one particular page doesn’t resonate with you, unfollow. You should only follow toddler parenting pages that bring you joy or useful advice.


Instagram Account for Toddler Activities

Busy Toddler @busytoddler – Susie Allison is behind this wonderful Instagram account. She is a former teacher and curriculum specialist turned to stay at home mom. Her page is full of super fun and creative activities to do with your toddlers. Best of all, most of the activities use things you most likely already have around the house! Suzie also includes some practical parenting advice throughout her page and is always willing to throw you a bone on your harder days. 

Playing with Chanel @playingwithchanel – Priscila Yu runs this Instagram account. She is a pediatric occupational therapist and mother. Similarly, she posts tons of fun ideas and experiments to do with your toddlers, but what’s unique about @playingwithchanel is that, because she is an occupational therapist, she focuses on practical exercises that engage and increase fine motor skills. You feel so smart with your kiddo having a blast and not even realizing how hard he or she is working!


Instagram for Healthy Toddler Eating Habits

Kids Eat in Color @kids.eat.in.color – Jennifer Anderson has a masters of science in public health and is a registered dietician nutritionist. She runs this Instagram account and it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is helpful. Picky-eater and toddler should be synonymous, but even if you have the world’s best eater, you can benefit from this content. Jennifer teaches you how to approach food with your little ones to foster and grows a healthy relationship with food that will last a lifetime. 

Feeding Littles @feedinglittles – Megan is a dietician, and Judy is an occupational feeding therapist, and they run this Instagram account. This is another account that helps you learn to talk to your children about food in a healthy way. They also answer questions that no one else bothers to, for example, how should you respond when you serve your toddler, and he says, “ I don’t like this” immediately?

Kids holding emoji pillows in front of their face.

Instagram for a How to Talk About Tough Topics with Toddlers

The Conscious Kid @theconsciouskid – It’s not a secret that racial tensions are at a peak right now, and you might be wondering how to approach the topic with your toddler. You’ve probably heard that it’s never too early to talk about race with your child, but fear that you lack the parenting skills to tackle this tricky subject. The Conscious Kid is a Black and Brown person owned account that helps you not only communicate effectively with your child but also points out problematic things you may not even realize are a normalized part of raising children (for example Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe and Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed). When you know better, you do better – and like The Conscious Kid says, “Teach your children early what you learned late…”

Instagram is a fun social media platform, but it also can be very helpful to your parenting life. If you’re struggling to fill the space between naptime and dinnertime, check out one of the activity Instagram and do something fun! It’s possible to enrich your life and your child’s life with Instagram!