Small Kids

The toddler years are probably some of the most frustrating times of trying to communicate with your child (other than those teenage years, of course). They’re learning how to speak, how to form words, trying really hard to tell us what they want -- while at the same time -- we are trying to help them, trying our hardest to understand them. And let’s be honest, there are times we have absolutely no idea what they mean by “nuhnevla” (spoiler alert, it means “vanilla”). During toddler care, we work on helping them with this communication.

Our Top 10 Preschool Gifts

Child with puzzle
Christmas is so fun for preschoolers! By this age, little ones are usually over their Santa fears and ready to participate in all the fun family traditions you have — especially the gift opening tradition! This preschool gift list includes a mixture of toys that are great for cognitive development