Best Skills to Have if You Want to Work at a Daycare

Working at a daycare isn’t for the faint of heart. However, certain skills help you shine in the role, making it a perfect career choice. So, what are the best skills to have if you work at a daycare? We have compiled a list for you! So, if you have these skills, apply to work at The Breakie Bunch today!


7 Best Skills for Working at a Daycare

  • Patience
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Compassion
  • Enthusiasm


Patience is a Virtue

I know we have all heard the saying, but in a daycare, patience is necessary. Kids have a habit of repeating the same questions and pushing each other’s buttons. If patience is your strong suit, working at a daycare is meant for you. Teach kids why patience is a great skill to have and why sharing is caring.


Perfect Your Problem-Solving Job Skills

While rewarding, working at a daycare comes with daily challenges. Strong problem-solving skills are imperative for success. For example, children can arrive at daycare upset, supplies can be missing, or a teacher may call in sick at the last minute. Knowing how to think on your feet and solve these problems quickly is needed for effectiveness.


Unleash Your Creativity

An essential job skill for working at a daycare is creativity! From planning fun activities, keeping children engaged and motivated, to organizing fun events, your creativity will help you succeed. As we learn to think outside the box, we find new ways to engage kids and staff in fun and exciting ways.


Communication is Key When Working at a Daycare

Effective communication is one of the top job skills for daycare workers. Although it is imperative to communicate with children in ways they will understand, communication with parents and staff is equally important. Knowing how to voice concerns and express them, even when the situation is uncomfortable, is a necessary skill for success.


Planning & Organization

Our best employees state planning and organizing are their best job skills. At The Breakie Bunch, we work together to keep our daycare facilities running smoothly and efficiently by staying organized and planning together.

When we work together, we all thrive, and the kids we are so lucky to spend our days with thrive alongside us! So, if you are a planner or organizing is a passion of yours, apply with us today. You will get to highlight your favorite skills and have a blast while doing it!


Compassion is a Must

Kids need people with compassion surrounding them as they grow and learn how to navigate the world around them. Showing compassion to a child having difficulty adjusting to their new daycare or having a rough day makes a world of difference.

Showing compassion is a crucial skill, as kids learn by watching. Teaching compassion to children helps them learn to be kind to themselves and others and to help those in need. This also helps children build stronger relationships and reduces bullying behavior as they get older.


Yay! Enthusiasm! 

Last but certainly not least, your enthusiasm is one of the best job skills you can bring to this role. Wearing many hats requires a positive attitude. Enthusiasm will spread throughout the school, getting your kids excited to learn each day.

Combine your love of cooking and kids by applying to our childcare cook position! Do you thrive in a leadership role? Check out our program director position. Put your job skills to use and join us at The Breakie Bunch. Every day is rewarding, fun, and full of surprises!