Back to School Checklist for Preschool

Back to school supplies

Heading back to school can be stressful for a family, even if you’re overall very excited to begin a new chapter! Nerves are completely normal, and you might feel stressed about all the things you need to remember for back-to-school time. 

Whether your toddler is just starting preschool or heading back to school, it can be overwhelming for everyone! What do you need to go to preschool again? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this easy-to-follow checklist, so you feel prepared when the first day of school rolls around.


  1. Backpack – Remember when the best thing about heading back to school was a new backpack? Backpacks are more than just fun accessories; they help carry all your little one’s supplies to and from school. They also give the teacher a way to send cute projects and relevant documents back to you!
  2. Lunch box and freezer pack – You’ll be packing a lunch for your child every day for preschool, and lunch boxes are super convenient for carrying them to and from school. Don’t forget a freezer pack to keep the food fresh until it’s time to eat. Opt for an insulated lunchbox with an area for a drink.
  3. Leak-proof water bottle – Speaking of an area for a drink, you’ll want a leak-proof water bottle that your child can take to school. Keeping hydrated is essential for everyone, and a cold water bottle is a great way to encourage your little one to drink more water. 
  4. Extra clothes, including underwear – Preschool is full of fun, albeit, sometimes messy, activities. Whether it’s painting or playing outside after it rains, your little one is bound to get a little messy. Add to that, accidents happen. So an extra pair of underwear never hurts.
  5. Diapering necessities – If your child is still wearing diapers at nap time, supply the teacher with a diaper pack in your child’s size and wipes.
  6. Wipes and tissues – Besides diapering, aren’t baby wipes the most useful, multifunctional tool you never knew you needed? Wipes can help with quick mess clean up, whether it’s sticky fingers or messy tables. 
  7. Seasonal clothing – You might not have a fall or winter coat yet, because of car seat safety, but now is the time to get them. Most days, preschool teachers try to get their students outside for some fresh air, playtime, and a brain-break. This means your child must be dressed appropriately for the current weather conditions. 
  8. Sunscreen – Winter or summer, sunscreen is essential for outside playtime!
  9. Naptime essentials – If your child is going to preschool for a full day, they will have naptime. Check with your teacher if they have cots, or your little one needs bedding or a mat.
  10. Comfort item Back to school can be intimidating! Send your child’s favorite lovey or comfort item to help ease the transition. 
  11. Hand sanitizer – Germs are plentiful at preschool. Attach a mini bottle of hand sanitizer to your child’s backpack or lunch box for easy sanitizing when washing his or her hands isn’t an immediate option.
  12. Your child’s medicine – If your child takes medication regularly, pack it, and bring it to your teacher. Talk to your child’s teacher ahead of time about the medicine as we have protocols we follow for labeling and approval.

Child looking through a magnifying glass.

Helpful Back to School Hints

  • Label everything! First and last name, please.
  • Plan your kid’s lunch one week at a time to avoid scrambling or forgetting!

Preschool is a wonderful time for your kiddo, and you! You’ll watch your baby turn into a big kid and learn all sorts of new social and academic information while enjoying some newfound freedom while he’s at school. Take it all in, parents! Enjoy this time!