3 Goodrich Parks Your Children Will Love

Father and son flying a kite

Whether it’s the hottest day of the year or there’s a layer of snow on the ground, exploring the parks of Goodrich, Michigan, is exciting for the whole family. Playing outdoors is essential for your little ones, whether they’re a toddler or preschool-ready. That’s why we’ve created a list of three of our favorite Goodrich parks for you to explore.


How to Spot a Great Children’s Park

A great children-friendly park will have some combination of exciting and accessible playground structures, beautiful nature, and fun activities. As you start to look for Goodrich parks for you and your family, make sure they have these three requirements. Don’t be afraid to ask around for park recommendations from friends and family, pediatrician offices, and us! The Breakie Bunch has your back, whether you’re looking for the best parks for kids under five or older.

Lucky for you, all of our parks in Goodrich are well-loved and kid-approved! Whether you’re looking to enter little Billy into Little League or planning an end-of-summer beach day, Goodrich parks have it all. It’s just a matter of finding the one your family will never forget.


You’ll Love Taking Your Child to These 3 Goodrich Parks

While we could go on and on about our favorite parks near Goodrich, here are three that never fail to impress and entertain the little ones:

  • Atlas County Park
  • Rust Park
  • Creasy Bicentennial Park


Atlas County Park

If your child loves collecting leaves or looking at creepy crawlies in the dirt, explore the 150 acres of terrain Atlas County Park has to offer. Trek through fields, trails, and ponds with the whole family and discover unforgettable views. Try your hand at kayaking, canoeing, or fishing for a splash of fun. Whether you’re visiting in the summer for a leisurely stroll or snowshoeing with the kiddos for wintertime fun, this Goodrich park is a must-see.


Rust Park

Rust Park is a consistent recommendation from Breakie Bunch. If you’re looking for a perfect playdate or birthday party spot, Rust Park has endless picnic tables, grills, and more to keep the whole gaggle of children entertained. Watch them swing on the playground or play on the tennis and basketball courts. Start your own baseball game on the diamond for a little friendly family competition! Your children will never get bored at this beloved Goodrich park.


Creasy Bicentennial Park

Creasy Bicentennial Park is full of family-friendly fun and only a short ride to Grand Blanc! With a classic playground full of exciting slides and a magical splash pad for cooling off in the hot summer sun, your children will beg to come back all year long. If you’re looking for a sporty activity, discover the array of youth programs, like flag football and tennis. Keep your children active and watch them tucker themselves out in one of our favorite Goodrich parks.

Finding your children’s favorite park may seem easier said than done, but when you know what to look for, it’s a piece of cake! As long as there’s some combination of a fun playground, beautiful nature, and exciting activities, your child will love any of these Goodrich parks. So go out and find your family’s favorite spot!