10 Things to Look for in a Daycare

When looking for a good daycare in the Goodrich or Waterford areas, it is important to pick the right one. Making the decision to put your child in daycare or preschool is never easy. However, knowing what to look for can make choosing the right one much easier.

After all, you are sending your child to daycare for more than just the need to work. You want them to thrive, be social, and learn – just to name a few. Here are ten things to look for when choosing a daycare for your child.


  1. How is the security when entering the daycare or preschool?

Did someone check your ID? Did you have to type in a code to enter the building? Having this sense of security will really put your mind at ease. Even if they see you every single day and you are the only one picking up your child, knowing they follow those protocols for every single pickup can put those nerves at ease.


  1. Look for a daycare or preschool with an on-site doctor or nurse.

An article from the National Library of Medicine explains the positives of having an on-premise nurse or doctor and the positive impact it has on the facility and the children.

By having an on-site doctor or nurse, the preschool can ensure that your child receives care when needed and that it’s not put off until you come and pick up your child or if a major emergency occurs. Other perks of having an on-site doctor or nurse include constant communication between them and the parent about the child’s health, any concerns, and any issues that could arise.  So, they are constantly kept in the loop on all things related to their child.


  1. Check for current and proper licensing.

Any daycare or preschool facility is required to be licensed by most state and/or local authorities. Certain facilities will even seek accreditation to show that they are able to meet the high standards and levels of accountability, making them much more appealing to those looking for the perfect place for their child.

If a daycare states they are licensed, call your local government agency to confirm the license is up-to-date and has a clean record. Facilities with the proper and up to date licensing are subject to random accountability checks and requirement standards that must always be met.


  1. Does the facility require background checks for all staff?


It is extremely important that the facility makes sure they are only hiring the best to take care of your child. Though a background check won’t always catch everything, it will ensure that convicted child abusers or those with a history of abuse or major convictions are not hired to care for any children.


This small requirement makes sure to keep your child safe. Any daycare or preschool should be requiring this information from all staff.


  1. Is the staff trained?


A staff that is trained in early childhood development is a staff that you want to care for your child. Having this type of background experience and training provides a well-rounded staff that is patient, kind, great at communication, and empathetic.


These are all key things to have in your childcare provider because it makes voicing your concerns, thoughts, or anything about your child a very easy conversation where you know that you are being heard.


  1. Do they require the staff have CPR/First Aid certification?


While an on-site doctor or nurse is there for anything that could happen, things like choking can occur in an instant. Having to get someone else to help will often take precious time. When the staff is CPR/First Aid certified, it means any staff member can jump into action at any moment if needed. This is extremely important, and any credible daycare or preschool will make sure the staff is prepared for anything.


  1. Do they allow for flexibility based on the needs of your child?


Maybe your kid was always an amazing sleeper at night, so they never napped, or they simply outgrew nap time before they started going to daycare or preschool. It is important to know where the facility stands and if they make exceptions to work with all types of kids.


Most children will not sit on a cot for two hours during naptime if they generally don’t nap anymore. Are they able to bring a book or a stuffed animal – something to provide them comfort while keeping them quiet, so they do not disturb the other children who are napping? It is important to find a facility that will work with your child and their needs since every child is so different.


  1. Is the daycare or preschool well maintained and well-stocked?


A well-maintained facility is one that does not have lots of dishes lying around or trash cans overflowing. If you see this in a facility, it could mean that they are understaffed as well. While no daycare should ever be spotless, it should still be well cared for.


A daycare that is well-stocked is also important. Do they have adequate amounts of books, toys, and art supplies so that every child can participate in the day’s activities? A good daycare or preschool will keep necessities (even down to the toilet paper) well-stocked to meet the needs of all the children that walk through the doors.


  1. Do they have routines specifically catered to the age of your child?


Though every child is different, routines are important for any age. A daycare with a routine that the children (and parents) can follow is one that focuses on structure and fulfilling the needs of each child.


A routine is important to make sure that every developmental skill is being addressed throughout the week. Is art on Mondays? Reading every day? These are all good signs that will help your child thrive. A preschool offering a routine but a different curriculum to focus on your child’s age and needs is a great sign.


  1. Are they good at communicating?


This may be the most important thing to look for. If you are trusting other people with your child all day, you want to be able to get in touch with them when needed. Some facilities even offer an app that lets you track how your child’s day is going. These are great resources and help put a parent’s mind at ease while away from their child every day.


Knowing that you can get in touch with someone, voice a concern, and be updated on your child’s progress is a big win for parents and reminds them they chose the right daycare.


These ten things to look for can make it or break it when it comes to the best childcare facility for your family. Going through this list should offer peace of mind for you and a pleasant experience for your child.


Now that you know the best things to look for in a daycare or a preschool, check out our tips on helping your child adjust to a new childcare setting.