Preschoolers learn best when actively engaged, which dovetails perfectly with our philosophy of making learning fun. We provide an enriched program where children are encouraged to create, explore, and solve problems, all while they make friends and develop their self-confidence. With a curriculum that covers the core fundamentals mentioned below, along with notable additions such as Spanish and sign language, we feel the Goodrich preschool is a unique place.

We allow your children the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities that captivate and empower them so they can find the methods to learn that are right for them. When they reflect on their time at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center Goodrich Preschool, their memories will be filled with smiles!


Highlights of Our Preschool Curriculum 


Children develop into strong readers and writers when they are allowed to develop their language and literacy skills early. We support this through many fun activities at our Goodrich childcare center, so they’re learning without even realizing it! By utilizing skills like retelling and predicting stories, using reading-like behaviors such as making up stories by looking at the pictures, and by “reading” the stories they write, we are setting them up for later reading success.


Additionally, we work on helping them utilize early reading skills, including:

  • Identifying letters and sounds
  • Writing their names
  • Using forms of early writing, such as scribbling or drawing
  • Participating in rhyming and fingerplay


These things may seem like fun games to them, but they will form a firm foundation for their future academic success.


Social and Emotional

Preschool is a time of enormous social and emotional development, and we at The Breakie Bunch Goodrich preschool are here to support and help your child navigate it. We will help your child learn to express their moods and feelings healthily and direct them in how to treat others with respect.

Additionally, we will assist them as they develop their ability to make good choices, take pride in their work, and feel comfortable as they experiment and explore the world around them.



Math is more than fractions and formulas. At its base, it’s conceptual, and at our Goodrich preschool, we believe your children can have fun while learning math. We start by having them recognize patterns and compare, sort, and classify objects while also looking at the relationships and events of those objects. Then, of course, we cover counting and looking at groupings of objects to determine whether they are more, less, or the same.

We go over geometric shapes so that all students can recognize them. Another critical concept the Goodrich childcare center teaches children is understanding direction, order, and positions so that they will be aware of what up, down, under, top, and bottom represent.



Goodrich preschool children adore science! Science helps children understand the world, how it works, and why things happen the way they do. Children are naturally curious, so engaging them and encouraging them to learn about their environment is easy.

We help to build awareness of plant and animal life, understand simple tools, and discuss the environment so that they understand the seasons, weather, rocks, and the earth.


Social Studies

The preschool students at the Goodrich childcare center are young citizens of the community and need to learn the skills to be proper members. Therefore, we introduce them to lessons about themselves, their families, special occasions and events, and occupations so that they learn more about their world. Additionally, we share how people use money, how to care for the environment, and rules and consequences, so they can see how they can work within the larger community.


Physical Health and Development

As discussed in the news, children’s physical health and nutrition contribute to their learning. We practice personal hygiene, teaching how to prevent spreading germs and what healthy choices are. Working on recognizing body parts, the children at our Goodrich childcare center enjoy plenty of time participating in active play.


At our Goodrich preschool, we also focus on developing large and fine motor skills. Some of the ways we support this are:

  • Opportunities to coordinate movements like throwing and catching
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Using pencils and crayons


We also have tips for having fun with your child at home, further sharpening the skills learned at school!


Other Reasons You Will Love It at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center in Goodrich

Beyond all the fun things your child will learn at our Goodrich childcare center, you’ll also love us because we provide all meals and snacks for your child while they are here. In addition, your child will love that they have their own cubby to store their special things.

There is a secure entry to the building, requiring a registered fingerprint to enter. Our playgrounds are fully fenced in, and we have a security camera in every room. Plus – and this is one of our favorite things – we utilize Tadpoles, an app that lets us communicate with parents and send them pictures and videos straight to their phones!

Give us a call or fill out the form below and see how you can join our family at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center Goodrich!