Road-Ready: Budget-Friendly Safe Driving Tips for New Parents

Teddy bear in seatbelt

The well-being of children is the primary responsibility of every parent. So it’s obvious that driving with a child on board requires being extra vigilant about safety.

This means having a professional install a car seat after you welcome your newborn home, honing your driving skills, keeping your vehicle in prime condition, and using hands-free technology to help you get to your destination safely. Read on for details to keep your precious cargo safe on the road and to help you save money in the long run.


Don’t Phone and Drive

Using phone while driving

Everyone knows it’s illegal to operate a mobile device when driving. But does it mean you cannot have a smartphone experience in your car?

While phones are to blame for many road accidents, the technology available today is turning the tables. Modern devices may even help to prevent road traffic tragedies and make the driving experience more enjoyable. Let’s see how.

  • Enjoy the Smartphone-Automobile Experience: To efficiently utilize safety features on your smartphone, integrate it with your car for hands-free mode. If you’re an Android user, you can use Android Auto to lock your phone while driving. Additionally, Android models like Samsung Galaxy S10 offer wireless charging capabilities and great battery life to keep your apps running on the road. Meanwhile, the newest iPhones are also equipped with safety features like “Do Not Disturb While Driving,” which prevents communications from showing up on the phone while you drive.

  • Navigation: Smartphones are GPS enabled, so you don’t have to buy the apps. With their assistance, you can find your way even in regions you’ve never traversed before.

  • Driving Apps: Some affordable apps like iOnRoad locates other cars with your phone’s camera. The app alerts you when you get too close to a car or start drifting into another lane. TrueMotion collects data about bad driving habits like braking too hard and exceeding the speed limit per trip. After analysis, the app gives recommendations for improvement.

  • Music: You can enjoy the drive more by listening to your favorite tunes. Soothing music on your mobile device can calm down an upset baby on board.


Check Your Auto Insurance

Having the right auto insurance policy is especially important when you have kids. If you feel that you’re not getting sufficient coverage, now is a good time to start shopping around. Start by looking at long-running, highly-rated providers like Allstate and Geico. Allstate is rated A+ and was founded in 1931, while Geico has been around since 1936 and holds an A++ rating. By comparing providers and obtaining quotes, you can find a plan that’s right for your family and is affordable.


Understand Your Automobile

Knowledge about the essential components that keep your car running will help you to pinpoint problems on time and save you money on future maintenance services. Take time to understand how parts like the engine fan, batteries, and brakes work. Additionally, master what every element on the dashboard console means.


Perform General Car Upkeep

By inspecting your car at home, you can prolong its life and prevent the need to pay a mechanic. Basic car upkeep involves checking tire pressure, regulating oil and coolant levels, and checking the lighting systems. If you aren’t familiar with fixing a broken component, visit a mechanic for some pointers.


Follow Scheduled Maintenance

Mechanic working on engine

Automakers recommend preventative vehicle maintenance at specific intervals to keep the car in good shape. It will also help you save money by eliminating the need to pay for extra repair costs. Routine maintenance ensures that all safety features are working as expected. After each inspection, keep a record to avoid missing the next appointment.


Avoid Risky Choices When Driving

When you hit the road, leave everything else, and concentrate on driving. One study suggested that 55 percent of mothers over-speed with a crying baby to get to their destination quicker. That’s worrisome considering that nine people die in the US every day in crashes involving distracted drivers. If your infant starts crying, pull over and calm them down instead of increasing your speed. Chances of causing an accident are very high when this problem isn’t addressed safely.

Without constantly prioritizing safety, you put yourself and your family at risk when you get behind the wheel. Utilize these simple and affordable tips to help keep everyone safe during each driving session.