Benefits of Learning Spanish as a Toddler

Young child learns spanish

You’ve always heard about children brought up in homes where they speak two languages – even when their parents don’t – and envy those who appear to have toddler Spanish fluency. How do they do it? You barely passed Spanish in high school, and here are children who are fluent in another language. Not only is it possible, but experts suggest that it may be optimal to learn a second language between the ages of 1 and 3!


5 Reasons Why it is Good to Learn Spanish When Young

One might wonder why it is good to learn Spanish, or any second language, as a toddler when they are still just learning how to speak at all. There are several benefits to teaching it while they are still young, including:


  1. Brain development
  2. Social skills
  3. School performance
  4. Cultural awareness
  5. Opportunities


Improved Cognitive Function from Second-Language Learning

Unlike adults, learning a new language is much easier for children, particularly when younger than 6. Learning toddler Spanish or preschool Spanish has been proven to improve cognitive function, increase attention span, assist with learning their native language, and make it easier for them to learn more languages in the future!


Learning a Second Language Young Can Enhance Social Skills

When learning new languages, like preschool Spanish, children are given the opportunity to develop new perspectives, such as when to use which language with which individuals. This will help them grow a strong foundation for fundamental social and emotional skills, making them more likely to connect with other children their age and be more open and accepting of others and their differences.


Toddler Spanish Can Lead to Better Grades in School

Contrary to the popular belief that learning more than one language is confusing to children, learning a second language enhances a child’s ability to do well in school in their native tongue. Additionally, they start reading at an earlier age and do better on standardized tests. It has been found that they can develop a better ear for music, which experts have determined can be likened to the form of a language.


Appreciation of Another Culture when Learning the Language

When young children are learning toddler Spanish, they are absorbing more than just a language; they are learning about an exciting Hispanic culture spanning South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean and Europe. Luckily, with so much Spanish culture and entertainment content being shared through content via television, movies, podcasts, and books, learning Spanish will open numerous windows into other worlds for them!


Future Adventures for Spanish Speakers

They may be toddlers now, but learning Spanish at such a young age will afford them so many opportunities in the future. By the time they are in high school, their fluency will be astounding! They will be able to sign up for jobs where speaking Spanish will give them an edge, and they will be able to travel with ease in any Spanish-speaking country.


Why is Preschool Spanish a Good Language for Kids to Learn?

With all the languages in the world, why is Spanish an excellent second language for your child to learn? According to the most recent census reports, Spanish, with 387 million native speakers, is the second-most-spoken language in the world. More people speak Spanish than English!


Why is it Beneficial to Teach Spanish When They Are Toddlers?

Toddlers and preschoolers are at the perfect developmental age to be excellent learners. They are inquisitive, easily entertained, becoming more independent, and readily imitate sounds. With them primed to learn, this is the optimal time to teach them a second language, like toddler Spanish.

Beginning with our Toddler classroom, The Breakie Bunch Learning Center introduces toddler Spanish to the children in our care. This is a critical time to present this skill, and the children thrive. Continuing in our preschool prep program, we move on to preschool Spanish and continue with our preschool program, introducing more preschool Spanish into the curriculum. Our objectives are to present a fun, exciting learning environment for children to play and have fun while they learn, building wonderful childhood memories along the way!