Laura Breakie – Owner

Growing up my family was always referred to as The Breakie Bunch. Although there weren’t 8 kids we did come together as one and that is why my center is known as The Breakie Bunch.  Learn more about Laura.



I’ve been at the Breakie Bunch since 2013. I’m currently going to school to get my degree in Early Childhood Education. Learn more about Christina.


I’ve been working at The Breakie Bunch since 2011. It is amazing watching the kids grow from infants into preschoolers. Learn more about Amy.


I worked in childcare at my kid’s school for 7 years and have always loved kids. Learn more about Teresa. 


I am currently going to school for Early Childhood Education so I can become more than an assistant teacher as well as eventually owning my own daycare! Learn more about Jamie.

Young Toddlers


I have worked at The Breakie Bunch since May 2015. I love working at The Breakie Bunch because I love getting to know all of the children. Learn more about Mandy.


I love working here and I love all the girls. I love spending time with my kids. Learn more about Jolene.


I love working here at the Breakie Bunch, because no matter what, my coworkers and the children can always put a smile on my face. Learn more about Kaitlyn.



I have enjoyed working at The Breakie Bunch since December 2016. It’s a wonderful center, everyone works as a team. Learn more about Deanna.


I have been working at The Breakie Bunch since September 2016. I love working here because the kids always put a smile on my face and I never dread going to work! Learn more about Alyssa.


My dream is to work with young children with speech impairments and not only help them build language skills but confidence as well. Learn more about Gigi.

Preschool Prep


I have worked at The Breakie Bunch since early 2015. I am a proud CMU graduate that loves children of all ages. Learn more about Marilyn.

Laura T.

I have worked at The Breakie Bunch since November 2015. I’ve had the opportunity to work in each room here at the Breakie Bunch. Learn more about Laura T.


I have been a part of The Breakie Bunch team since June 2015. I am the assistant teacher in the toddler room. Learn more about Cara.



I have been a part of The Breakie Bunch family since January 2017. I am working on my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education at OCC. Learn more about Tabatha.

Mrs. C.

The first time I sat in the story circle at Head Start, I knew I wanted to do what the lady with the books and the really big desk was doing. Learn more about Mrs. C. 

Sub and our Cook


I have always had a love for watching, caring and educating children.  Seems like I have always watched children either in my home or at my places of employment. Learn more about Lori.


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