Director – Goodrich Daycare Center

“I love you the Purplest”, by: Barbara M. Joosse would be one of my most favorite books. The illustrations are beautiful watercolors of a mother and her two boys in a cabin on the water. She loves them both in unique ways and appreciates the differences in each of them. She teaches them with love and encourages imagination and a desire to be their best. This book is a perfect example of how I feel working with children. My goal is to bring out the best in myself and to bring out the best in the children I teach. The mother’s way of loving her children reminds me of my own mother. I am the baby of 8 children. My parents were divorced when I was 2. My mother tried raising us all on her own, I had 4 kindergartens because we moved so much.

Perhaps that is why I have always had a love for working with children. I wanted to provide a stable and secure setting for as many children as possible. I am the previous owner of a nationally accredited Child Care Center which I owned for over 18 years out in Livingston County. I was divorced in 2008 and closed my center who I shared with my husband. It was sad to have to close. After closing my center, I went on to further my education earning my bachelor’s degree and graduating with honors. Having a background in Early Child Development, Early Elementary education, and Business is helpful in running a successful program. Meeting Laura and the Breakie Bunch feels like a wonderful fit. I have years of love, wisdom, experience and success stories and Laura and the Breakie bunch shares similar values as me. You can tell she is equally compassionate.

I am a big advocate for literacy, social and emotional development and working on several skills with the children in our everyday activities. Some of my methods are making every child feel welcome from the moment they come into the building, when entering the classroom I would encourage all the children to stop and greet their friends as they arrive, hopefully alleviating any fears or anxiety that may occur during drop off, creating a welcoming environment. It is also important to me that I am teaching the children about showing empathy towards their friends, respect, dignity and caring for themselves as well as others. Simply by modeling respectful behavior. It starts with a simple introduction. I teach the children to shake hands, look each other in the eyes, meeting a new friend rather than the child saying “she or he” they can acknowledge friends by their names. Getting to know one another right from the beginning.

I appreciate parent involvement, open communication and sharing goals and interests with one another. I feel that my role is not only to educate the children to the very best of my ability, my role is also, to communicate openly and honestly with the parents and help them with transitions both at school and at home.  I like to know that I’m making a difference in the lives of your children. I hope to become one of those teachers that they think about as adults, a person who made a difference in their lives.

We also have a special furry four-legged friend that comes to work with me daily, his name is Prince. He is my service dog as well as a therapy dog for the children. I’ve seen him put a lot of smiles on the faces of the children not only in our school, but also within the community. Some children have not been exposed to a dog so up close and personal. I respect their feelings and uncertainties. It is my goal to help your children overcome any fears or anxieties they may be experiencing. I look forward to working with you side by side nurturing our future leaders. My name is Michele Campbell thank you for entrusting me with your children.

Favorite Classroom Activities: Utilizing our Dramatic play area in a way that gives children a real-life experience using real props. Such as “Playing Restaurant”, an activity that several children can participate in acting out different roles, waitress, customer, cook, cashier, and manager. While playing with the children I am teaching them several life skills, through give and take meaningful conversations and role play. The ideas the children come up with, bring out the best ideas when children are encouraged to express themselves freely. I am often right on the floor playing alongside the children. Or sometimes I will sit off to the side and observe the children interacting. You have heard the term, “Out of the mouths of Babes.” right? It is awesome observing them solve problems on their own. I love seeing the children practice what I have been teaching them.

Favorite Children’s Book: I do have several favorites. I feel having a literacy enriched program throughout the classroom can be accomplished in several ways. I often share my favorites with my children, reading this book I find it hard to keep back a tear because it brings such joy to my heart. The title is “I’ll Love You Forever” written by Robert Munsch. It is a 4-sentence song that is sang throughout a boy’s life. “I’ll Love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be. It is such an expression of a mother’s love between her and her son. Another favorite is the “Giving Tree” written by Shel Silverstein. This is book is another tear drop story. This book is about a relationship with a boy and a tree. As the boy grows the tree gives the boy many things, fruit, shade, a tree to climb, you can imagine. As the boy grows into a man the tree continues to give until he has nothing left to give but a spot to sit and rest the old man’s-tired body. It seems sad but the book has a much deeper meaning to me, it is “Love”. All the books I share bring out engaging conversations. I love children’s books, hopefully my love for books flows over into the classroom.

Favorite Lesson: Literacy for sure! I will have books, writing utensils, clipboards, and puzzles displayed throughout the classroom, pertaining to each center location. In my classroom’s books are displayed on shelves in positions that draw a child towards it encouraging a good relationship for children and their desire to pick up a book and make it part of their play. Or a quiet space is provided if a child wants to just read quietly to themselves.

Favorite age group: When asked what my favorite age group was to work with; my answer would be; Every age group. Every age group has milestones worth nourishing. I have worked with all ages and understand the way each age group processes what they are learning. There are windows of opportunity and teachable moments starting as early as infants and continual with every age group. Toddlers become more expressive and curious. Preschoolers become more independent mastering their self-help skills and begin to establish lasting friendships. All are exciting to witness.

Child’s favorite quote: “Come play with me!” My favorite quote: is “Never Underestimate the Mind of a Child”. I teach by this method as well.