Here at the Breakie Bunch Learning Center, we believe that consistent two-way communication between our staff and parents is key to an excellent childcare experience. Our teachers and staff members love connecting with parents during drop-off and pick-up, but we know that parents and caregivers want to see what’s going on each day in their child’s class too, and we’re happy to oblige!

We’re proud to use the childcare communication app, Tadpoles, to keep our parents up to date each day on their child’s progress in school. Whether it’s sleep schedules in the infant class or pictures of projects your preschooler has completed in their class, our teachers strive to keep parents informed throughout the day.


Why We Love the Tadpoles App

There are plenty of reasons why we decided to use the Tadpoles app at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center, but here are a few of our favorite features!

  • Emailed daily reports

Whether you download the app or not, you will receive a daily update via email. Right from your daily report email, you’ll have the ability to watch videos, view pictures, and reply directly to your child’s teacher.

  • You’ll always know what’s happening in your child’s class

Often, it can be hard to make any headway when you ask a toddler what they did in class, but thanks to the Tadpoles app, you’ll already know! Along with pictures and videos, teachers are also able to share over lesson plans and activities that your child has taken part in the course of a school day.

  • Emergency communications are a breeze

While we hope never to need to send emergency communications, we love that the Tadpoles app allows us to contact you via email or text message if an emergency message about school closings or other school-wide communication does need to be released. When every second counts, having the Tadpoles app at our fingertips gives all of us peace of mind.

  • Focus is always on the children

With the quick click of a button, our teachers can load updates into the Tadpoles app for parents to access at any time of the day. No more paper attendance sheets or potty charts. Here at the Breakie Bunch Learning Center, we strive to keep parents and caregivers informed every single day that you put your child into our care, and what better way to do that than through the Tadpoles app?


Your Childcare in Waterford and Goodrich

Here at The Breakie Bunch Learning Center, our number one priority is giving you the peace of mind that your child will be loved, cared for, and happy at our childcare center. We know that comfort comes from communication, which is why we stand behind the use of the Tadpoles app. It helps teachers get back to loving on your kids while keeping you updated throughout the day with quick notes and photos. To become a Breakie Bunch Family, contact us today.