Ensuring the safety of your child in an automobile is crucial. Proper installation of the car seat is just as essential as learning how to secure your child in the seat correctly. As your child grows, knowing the car seat restrictions and requirements and harness and belt guidelines are vital. Safety measures, such as taking your automobile in for a safety seat inspection, will ensure your child is riding in a properly secured car seat that meets all safety standards and brings peace of mind.

Trained Technicians for Car Seat Checks

Upon arriving at a child seat installation or safety inspection station, trained technicians will determine the safety of your child’s car seat by reviewing:

  • Any recalls of your car seat make and model
  • Ensuring you have registered your car seat to receive recall and safety updates from the manufacturer
  • Damage from a previous accident that may compromise the safety of your car seat
  • Height and weight requirements for your model are in line with your child’s current measurements
  • Car seat safety techs also provide excellent recommendations and safety ratings of restraints based on your child’s age, height, and weight

Where Can I Find Safety Inspection Centers for Car Seats

Your local hospitals, fire stations, and police stations offer car seat assistance and are more than happy to assist in the installation or safety check of your car seat.  Call ahead to inquire if appointments are necessary. You will also find assistance through most automobile dealerships or find child passenger safety technicians who will come to you.

For further information on car seat safety, visit the National Highway Safety Administration Website.

Car Seat Safety Checks Near Waterford

Oakland County is committed to ensuring the safety of children and families. Oakland Country provides safety checks as well as assistance for those needing child restraints who may qualify.

The Oakland County Child Passenger Safety Program provides:

  • Education on the proper installation and use of a child restraint system
  • Information about how to keep children safe in their vehicles for all parents and caregivers
  • Car seat safety checks which are performed by certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians

The Child Passenger Safety Program also offers assistance in obtaining child safety seats for children currently riding unrestrained for clients that qualify.

Qualifications for this assistance program include:

  • Must be an Oakland County resident
  • Must have an automobile
  • Must be an active WIC client

Visit Oakland County’s Child Passenger Safety site for appointments and further information.


Car Seat Safety Checks Near Goodrich

If you reside within Genesee County, you’ll also find highly trained technicians who are ready to help you install and inspect your child’s car seat. From your local fire and police departments to churches and organizations, including Safe Kids, you’ll find the assistance, car seat checkups, and safety resources you need. The Sparrow Health System also comes highly recommended for car seat installation, safety checks, and education. You’ll leave knowing exactly where straps and snaps should reach on your child, the why’s of restraining your child correctly, and the importance behind knowing your car seat’s expiration date and collision history.


Whether you’re a new parent or have experience in the car restraint department, it’s always wise to have your car seats inspected routinely to ensure the safety of your family. To find a list of resources and inspection sites near you, visit NHTSA.