My story starts in my childhood.  My mother had two children when she met my father.  After a short time, they knew they were meant to be.  They had two more kids, got married and lived happily ever after with 4 girls!  Growing up my family was always referred to as The Breakie Bunch. Although there weren’t 8 kids we did come together as one and that is why my center is known as The Breakie Bunch.  I love the idea of bringing everyone together to be one big happy family.

Professionally, I have been working in childcare since I was a teenager.  I earned a degree in Early Childhood Development and another in Business Administration, setting me up for a future I didn’t even know I wanted.  In my youth, I had no intention of owning a center.  I loved the kids so much and wanted nothing to do with the business side of it but when an opportunity came to me to move into a home already set up for childcare, I had to take it.  So, in 2008 The Breakie Bunch opened its doors to my first home in Clarkston.

Admittedly I had a lot of learning to do!  I mean, A LOT!  I learned about operating a business and that I liked it more than I realized.  Fast forward through filling my little home daycare, working in the corporate world of childcare, having my first child, the loss of my mother, navigating marriage and lots and lots of trial and error in both life and business and it brings us to that future I didn’t know I wanted.  I am now the proud owner of my very own learning center and I couldn’t be any happier!

Personally, I found the love of my life who opened his arms and heart to my first born just like my dad did for my older sisters.  We have added 2 little ladies with lots of personality to our bunch and regularly questioning our sanity.  Our life is busy, as you can imagine, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  Khloe (the oldest) loves gymnastics, talking and anything that sparkles.  Daphne (stuck in middle) loves music, dancing and being sneaky!  Amelia is our youngest and is nothing like her big sisters. Calm, quiet and easy going but so sensitive.  Anthony, my husband, is a firefighter in Oxford.  He is such a gentle giant and the perfect calm to my life of chaos.  I love spending time at home by the fire or outside with my family playing games and making memories.

As a working parent myself, I understand the struggle of trying to juggle it all and make it look good while doing it.  You will soon learn I have yet to perfect that so please let me know how you do it.  More importantly, I know how hard it is to leave your sweet little babies with someone else all day while you go to work.  I know the importance of feeling confident that they will take care of them and love them like their own. That they will know my kids well enough to let me know if they are just having an off day and that they will celebrate with me when they start sleeping through the night, take their first step, use the potty for the first time, learn to spell their name and ultimately head off to kindergarten.  It’s comforting as a parent to know your child isn’t just going to daycare, they are going to their home away from home at The Breakie Bunch.

Q and A with Laura

Favorite Classroom Activity: Anything that gets their wheels turning, I love to watch their faces while they try to figure out the task at hand as we encourage them along the way.

Favorite Children’s Book: One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Favorite Lesson to Teach: Problem Solving. This will last them the rest of their life and the sooner they start to understand how to solve their problems, the better.

Favorite Aspect of Daycare: I don’t have a specific age group anymore as I am part of the admin team. If I had to pick a favorite though, I couldn’t do it! I love that infants are so precious and dependant, the snuggles, and love are the best. Young Toddlers learn so much through exploration, while toddlers start to have their own opinions and thoughts about everything. Watching their independence grow is a challenge and an accomplishment. Preschool Prep kids have their own take on the world and it is just so sweet. Preschool kids are so smart and they have so many facts to share!