Assistant Young Toddler Teacher

I’ve worked at The Breakie Bunch since September 2016. I grew up in Michigan and then when I graduated High School I moved to Massachusetts and was a nanny there for almost 18 years. When I first went to MA, I lived with a family and took care of their 3 children. I was there for about 2 years and then went to another family and lived with them for another few years. After a while I got tired of living with the families. So, I got an apartment and just went to their house during the day. Over those 18 years of living in MA, I took care of a lot of kids and then had kids of my own and then I still took care of the neighbors kids and even friends kids. I moved back to MI 5 years ago and started working in a daycare in Holly, MI. A little over a year ago I decided that it was time to move on from that job and put my application in at The Breakie Bunch. I love working here and I love all the girls. I love spending time with my kids. We enjoy going to the movies and bowling. We enjoy just sitting at home playing card games.

Q and A with Jolene

Favorite Classroom Activity: Playing with Whipped Cream

Favorite Children’s Book: Dr. Seuss ABC’s

Favorite Lesson to Teach: Science Experiments

Favorite Aspect of Toddlers: Their little minds are like sponges and I love to see them learn new things and develop new skills