Ages 1 – 2

Children at this age are just starting to grow out of the baby phase and into the toddler years. This is a very delicate time for parents and children. No one likes to see his or her baby grow up so fast! Knowing this, our young toddler room is still very nurturing for our little ones. We begin introducing more of a routine to their day, eating snack and lunch together at the same time, taking nap together as a class, and doing activities in the same order throughout the day. Our young toddlers love the opportunities to explore new things as they are offered many different avenues to explore the world around them.

  • Communication between staff and families is very important to us
  • All meals and snacks are provided
  • Sippy cups and bibs provided
  • Use of the Tadpoles (an app) giving you access to check in on your child throughout the day.
  • Email daily reports with details about your childs day.
  • We send pictures, videos, and special message from teachers right to your email
  • We teach Sign Language
  • Many opportunities for singing and dancing
  • Read lots of books
  • Learn to put things back where they belong
  • Promote social and emotional development
  • Introduce potty training when/if they are ready
  • Let kids enjoy their childhood by learning through play and hands on experiences
  • Learn basic colors and shapes
  • Teachers play on floor with kids
  • Introduce letters and numbers
  • Outside time daily
  • Provide a warm, safe and loving environment
  • Every child has their own cubby for storing their things
  • Secure entry to the building requiring a registered finger print to enter
  • Fully fences in playground
  • Security cameras in every room

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