Assistant Preschool Teacher

I joined The Breakie Bunch team in November 2017. I was born Texan, yet I’ve lived 26 years in Michigan — 25 in Emmett in St. Clair County. The first time I sat in the story circle at Head Start, I knew I wanted to do what the lady with the books and the really big desk was doing. Two years later I had my 1st babysitting job! Ever since I’ve considered working with children my calling. On my way to my own books and really big desk, I had the privilege of serving in the US Army and being married to a fantastic man for almost 30 years. It was after the Army that I returned to school and obtained a master’s in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I spent much of my teaching career as a sub in Yale and later as a charter school teacher. I only stopped to help my husband start a business. It was his sudden death in 2015 that brought me back to teaching.

Q and A with Mrs. C

Favorite Classroom Activity: Table choices

Favorite Children’s Book: All of them!

Favorite Aspect of Preschool: That I learn from them too. I love to help them on their journey of lifelong learning.