Preschool Age

Our program provides a rich classroom environment where children are encouraged to explore, create and problem solve, while making friends and developing self confidence. Our curriculum introduces language, literacy, math, science, sensory exploration, Spanish, sign language and social skills. We know that children learn best when they are actively engaged, so we give them plenty of hands on activities to involve them in concepts and to empower them to find ways to learn that are right for them. Below you will find a pretty in depth breakdown of some of the areas we work on and goals for the year but please keep in mind we firmly believe in making learning fun and ensuring their childhood memories of The Breakie Bunch are nothing but laughter and smiles.



Reading and writing are two ways in which children develop language and early literacy skills. Children grow into strong readers and writers when they are encouraged to:

  • Identify letters and their sounds
  • Use reading like behaviors (making up stories by looking at pictures, memorizing, following along while an adult reads)
  • Ability to retell and predict stories
  • Rhyming, finger plays
  • Writing their name
  • Use forms of early writing (Scribbling, drawing, or letter-strings)
  • “Read” the stories they write

Social and Emotional

                  Social and emotional developments are ways that children learn to experience, express, and gain control over their emotions and social interactions. Children are more likely to feel more confident and secure when they are encouraged to:

  • Express their feelings, moods and opinions in a healthy way
  • Learn to respect others
  • Develop the ability to make good choices
  • Take pride in their work
  • Comfortable to experiment and explore


Young children’s understanding of math extends beyond numbers and counting. Early learning in math can be encouraged by helping children to:

  • Compare, sort and classify objects, relationships and events in their environment
  • Recognize patterns
  • Counting
  • Describe more/less/same
  • Recognize geometric shapes
  • Understand direction, order, positions; up, down, over, under, top, bottom etc.


Young Children’s understanding of science helps then to understand the world around them and how it works. Early learning in science can be encouraged by helping children to:

Encourage interest and curiosity about their environment

  • Question why things happen
  • Build an awareness of plant and animal life
  • Understand the use of simple tools
  • Describe environmental characteristics; seasons, weather, rocks and earth

Social Studies

Early learning in social studies gives young children the skills they need to be citizens in the community in which they live. Children learn as they observe the world around then and should be encouraged to observe and learn more about:

  • Thenselves
  • Their families
  • Special occations and events
  • Rules and consequences
  • Occupations
  • How people use money
  • Taking care of their environment

Physical Health and Development

Children’s physical health, safety and nutrition contribute to their learning. A child’s large motor development and fine motor development can be enhanced by the following activities and children should be encouraged to:

  • Practice personal hygiene
  • Prevent spreading germs
  • Identify who to turn to in an emergency
  • What is a healthy choice
  • Recognition of body parts
  • Participate in active play
  • Opportunities ro coordinate movements; throwing, catching etc.
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Using pencils and crayons

Other Reasons we are Awesome

  • We provide all the meals and snacks while your child is here
  • Every child has their own cubby for storing their things
  • Secure entry to the building requiring a registered finger print to enter
  • Fully fences in playground
  • Security cameras in every room
  • Use of Tadpoles, an app making communication with parents a breeze! Gives us the ability to send pictures and videos right to your phone

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