Ages 3 – 4

This room is filled with creativity, emotion, energy, curiosity, and so much more! We LOVE it! Here at The Breakie Bunch we embrace all the children’s different personalities, learning styles and needs. We expose them to a large variety of activities to ensure they all are getting what they need at group times. Our teachers consider each individual child when they sit down for one on one time with them and adapt the activity to their style. Below are some of the key points we will touch on throughout this program.



  • Recognizing numbers, letters, colors and shapes
  • Recognizing name
  • Daily Songs and dancing
  • Afternoon story time
  • Sign Language
  • Spanish

Social and Emotional

  • Learn to put things back where they belong
  • Practice sharing, taking turns, using manners and following directions
  • Use words to resolve conflicts
  • We provide a warm and loving environment
  • Teachers play on floor with kids


  • Counting
  • Number recognition
  • Sorting
  • Patterns


  • Painting with different tools (fingers, sponges, brushes)

Physical Health

  • Learn to self dress
  • Practice to use scissors, crayons, markers and glue
  • Proper hand washing techniques
  • Outside time daily

Other Reasons we are Awesome

  • We provide all the meals and snacks while your child is here
  • Every child has their own cubby for storing their things
  • Secure entry to the building requiring a registered finger print to enter
  • Fully fences in playground
  • Security cameras in every room
  • Use of Tadpoles, an app making communication with parents a breeze! Gives us the ability to send pictures and videos right to your phone

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